• „my energy comes from nature, just like my wines.“

  • „memories are far more important than points.“

  • „produced over the course of many months - for just this one moment.“

  • „each wine says something about me…

my wines. my world

johannes gebeshuber

weingut johannes gebeshuber, where complex wines characterised by elegance & finesse are vinified. in this, i concentrate on the regionally typical grape varieties of the thermenregion. it is a unique approach, to vinify my white wines exclusively from the indigenous varieties zierfandler and rotgipfler. in the red wine department, i focus on pinot noir & sankt laurent.

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my wines, the soils

each wine says something about me

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latest news from the estate
it’s good when there’s something going on

falstaff: best zierfandler

in the current falstaff, our zierfandler modler 2015  once more rated as the best zierfandler in the thermenregion with 94 points! also at the head of the pack: rotgipfler laim 2015 and zierfandler vom muschelkalk 2015, 93 points rotgipfler…

best wines a la carte 2018

top rating for the zierfandler modler 2016! with an outstanding score of 95 points, we are once more ranked among the best wines in all of austria. the 2016 rotgipfler laim is once more at the head of the pack and has been rated 94. with this,…

falstaff weinguide – top ratings

best wine – best white wine – best zierfandler in the thermenregion! zierfandler modler 2016, 94 points *pure drinking pleasure! #bestofthermenregion #bestofzierfandler #gebeshuber #zierfandlermodler #thermenregion #somusszierfandler…

the experts like ried modler

is zierfandler on the way up once more? gebeshuber’s ried modler catches the experts’ attention zierfandler has seen better days. highly regarded up until the 1950s, one has heard hardly anything about the variety in recent decades.…

my wines
each wine says something about me

my wines

johannes gebeshuber

for me, the element of composure is one of the most essential ingredients in winemaking. it’s only with absolute peace and quiet that one can try things out and improve, enhance the result…

so my wines mature gradually, year after year in this comfortable climate, becoming remarkable personalities all by themselves, personalities that truly have a lot to say.

about me as well, of course. these wines are a complete cast of divas. but what lovely divas they are…

gebeshuber lage

the finest grapes of the vintage from my best individual sites. modler (zierfandler), laim (rotgipfler), glas (sankt laurent) & viereck (pinot noir). matured gently and slowly in small and large wooden cask. the absolute spearhead.

gebeshuber vom muschelkalk

totally healthy and fully ripened grapes from my vineyards parcels with predominately fossil limestone (muschelkalk) soils, in and around gumpoldskirchen. each of them, in red & white, a perfectly matured partner to fine cuisine.

excellence and pure drinking pleasure in rare harmony

gebeshuber querfeldein

fruit, charm & fun. gebeshuber querfeldein (in english, ‘cross-country’) in white & red. the classic austrian field blend known as gemischter satz, perfect to have around every day.

because both of these are quite talented at the art of seduction