gebeshuber lage

(single vineyard wines) the finest grapes of the vintage from my best individual sites. modler (zierfandler), laim (rotgipfler), glas (sankt laurent) & viereck (pinot noir). matured gently and slowly in small and large wooden cask. the absolute spearhead.

gumpoldskirchen/gebeshuber vom muschelkalk

totally healthy and fully ripened grapes from my vineyards parcels with predominately fossil limestone (muschelkalk) soils, in and around gumpoldskirchen. each of them, in red & white, a perfectly matured partner to fine cuisine.

excellence and pure drinking pleasure in rare harmony

gebeshuber querfeldein

fruit, charm & fun. gebeshuber querfeldein (in english, ‘cross-country’) in white & red. the classic austrian field blend known as gemischter satz, perfect to have around every day.

because both of these are quite talented at the art of seduction